Breed Specific Legislation / Dangerous Dogs Act.

Our Response to BSL / DDA


Animals Alive opines that the law is skewed and by being breed specific it will lead to the needless demise of three breeds of dogs. It completely ignores the overwhelming need to improve the welfare of dogs on the whole in this country. Dangerous dogs is only one part of the problem. Why didn't the Office of the Attorney General listen when stakeholders spoke out at public consultations? Now we have to protest that the law be amended before proclaimed and still wait for another act that deals with responsible dog ownership? What intelligent people wanted was a Dog Act that comprehensively dealt with the role and resposibility of dog ownership that would benefit dogs, owners and the innocent public.We want penalties to be imposed on ignorant, irresponsible and incompetent owners. The dog act would contain clauses that deal with dangerous dogs, cruelty to dogs, neglect, procreation limitations to reduce over populations and unwanted litters and the general humane treatment on dogs. The Summary Offences act of the 1950's is so outdated that it is almost defunct and dogs have little to no protection from dangerous owners. Now back to this act, I agree with the licence and the registration and even the insurance but not the mandatory spaying with the intention of eradicating the breeds. I do not agree with having the Minister deem breeds as dangerous. That is arbitrary and ridiculous. Moreover dogs should be identified as dangerous by their traits not breed. (Study supported) As a civil society we should craft laws that protect all, that is, here humans and dogs. Is identifying a breed easier than measuring traits? It is a fact that there are dangerous pot hounds, rottweilers etc. Remember the so called devil dog of Point Fortin ( who really was no devil). If such dogs attack humans, their owners have no fines to pay or jail terms to face? Come now A.G. this was a poor effort. We are evolving now and you need to think more of drafting laws that are relevant to a civil society and not just produce what amounts to a knee jerk reaction.


Kathryn Cleghorn
Animals Alive




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