Animals Alive Current Projects

Humane treatment of our sheltered animals should not begin and end with just keeping them's also how we treat them while they're in our care. Animals Alive is currently in the process of expanding and upgrading some parts of the sanctuary and we are asking for donations to help complete the projects. Below are a list of open projects, please click on them to see the details.


Project 1 - Expansion Shelter

Project 2 - Aggressive Dog Kennels

Project 3 - Upgrade of Kennel A


  • Donations are needed for Sanctuary Expansion and Upgrade - See Projects page.

    We are also in need of a Digital Camera for the creation of ID records for all Animals in our care.

    The Sanctuary also requires a Wheelbarrow.

    Please check out the donations page for a full list of our requirements.

    Don't forget to visit us and Adopt...

    Thank you for your support.